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Rust Guide to Building a House

No one can live without a place to call home. It is the first basic building of survivor in Rust’s horrible island. A house can be a base operation where the residents can store their supply.
Shelter is the first building for aversion.

Before crafting your shelter, builder needs to collect enough materials to build one as mentioned by this rust starter guide. It requires 50 woods for shelter and additional 30 for door. Keep in mind that there is no need to cut down the tree. It will deplete a lot of energy. Looking for a pile of woods on the ground is a smarter idea. Stone hatchet is the best tool to gather wood.

Once the settler is ready to build, a new resident should think about a place where to build the shelter. Location is very important to consider. Staying in shelter is not permanently safe, It just keeps resident from harm for a while. If there are many intruders trying to destroy the shelter, the durability won’t last long. A recommended spot is a ground between mountains. Also, living next to friendly humans is a good choice. However, you really need to be sure that he is a true friend and will not attack you eventually.

When placing the wood, keep a space for expansion next time. The building will not be wasted. Place a wood pillar at the corner, then place a wall frame and door frame later. Do not place pillar in the center of the house.

In case the builder has a metal fragment, making a metal door will increase the durability of the shelter. Metal door requires 200 metal fragments. Do not for get to build a furnace as it is a first tool for metal crafting. Metal door will greatly protect the residents inside the building. Only explosive charge and grenade can destroy it. Unlike wooden door, it can resist a melee attack using a hatchet for little while. Nevertheless, the door is an important component to prevent incoming threats from surroundings.

Rust Game Mechanics.


Rust is a first person survival game developed and published by Facepunch Studios. It was inspired by zombie survival DayZ, and leading build game Minecraft. The only goal in Rust is to survive from the dangerous environment. All survivor need to keep living, gather foods, build the shelter, and protect himself from all threats.

Once a player enters Rust, he will have 3 items to make himself stay alive; rock, torch, and a few bandages. A new face needs to know the mechanics in this game and will have to be familiar with the status bar. There are 3 status indicating player’s status or survivability; Health, Calories, and Rad. This bar will be shown in the bottom right corner.

Health: Health is life point, and is the most important status. All life dies if health reaches 0. Health will be lost if the player is attacked by other players or wild creatures, falling from height, and poisoning thru radiation. Health can be restored by eating food and applying med kits.

Calories: Calories bar shows the energy of player. The more calories a player has, the more action a player can perform. If calories run low, the player will start starving. Starvation will gradually decreases health and players can die from starving.

Radiation: Radiation indicates how much the player absorbs the radiation. If the survivor gets too much radiation (500+), the player will get radiation poisoning. The disease will deplete health and cause player to die. The radiation rate can be decreased by staying away from affected zone and taking anti-radiation pills if the value is too much.

Cold effect is another factor that causes health reduction especially when at night. When the night arises and the layer has no cloth to wear, he will lose calories faster. To get rid of cold effect, players can do it in 2 ways. First, the survivor needs to be near the campfire. It will give the living one “comfort effect”. The warmth will keep player from losing calories faster. Also, the campfire gradually generates health for player. Second is to find a cloth to wear. Clothes can be looted from enemies or created.

Death: If a player’s health drops to 0, player cannot perform any function but the voice chat. In dying time, players can be revived or looted by other players. When a player is dead, his item will be dropped to the ground. Player has to choose his respawn place. Player can select to respawn at a random place or back to his sleeping bag or bed.

Rust Developers Want You to Explore More Rather Than Craft

Many Rust players come from Minecraft. The crafting system draws a lot of attention from these players. In terms of survivor, Rust shares a balance between killing and building very well. However, developers from Facepunch Studios alert that some people take too much time in pounding his hammer than adventuring into a new place. This is a reason to let the forthcoming update encourage players to explore places more than the buildings. As the notes of Gary Newman states, this is not a building simulator.

“I’ve seen a few people comment that they don’t understand why we’re changing the build system. They loved it, it was miles better than legacy, don’t change it, please god don’t change it. Well – you probably should have said something before because all I’ve heard is moaning.” The developer said in his blog.

The new update tries to stimulate people to get out of their house, drop the hammer and go to search the environment around the island. “With the new system, stuff is more expensive, players need to go out and get resources more,” he added.

The new update includes the changing interface and improving the performance (terrain and physics). Players should adventure more to experience the full taste of a survival game instead of building their house for whole day.

Once the changes are live, players will have a lot less hammering to do. According to Newman, resources rather than time should be the payment for building, and as a result, exploration and gathering will be a stronger focus. “Anything we can do to encourage players to explore, we should,” Newman wrote.

The full blog can be read here.