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How to Upgrade the Walls of Your Base in Rust


Many hostile humans like to attack the base. As a defender, what you really need are reliable weapons and durable stronghold. A good weapon can shut down enemy quickly, but a strong wall will make the intruders consume time for wall breaching, eventually making them a suitable bullseye shot for a rifle.

Building a house good location can save a survivor from harm, however, there is no safe place in Rust. Usually, a well-armed raider will carry an explosive charge and automatic rifle. In this case, a wooden building will be blown up in the blink of an eye. This post will teach a survivor in this island to make his basement hard to be seized.

Woods are easy to be harvested. This is the reason why most buildings are made of wood. It also does not require any blueprint to build. A wood shelter is enough for living as a survivor. However, it is just a pile of wood for bandits with powerful explosives. In case the base owner wants more security, then take all the wood out. A strong fortress must be made of metal only. All its parts: door walls, windows, and roof. Everything is metal.


To get metal parts, crafter needs to find a metal ore from stone resources. A furnace is needed to melt down ores in to metal fragment. Now, it is the time to make the building part. Before crafting, check all requirements carefully, as some requires a workbench and some needs a blue print.

When the metal fortress is finished, an owner should consider to add extra add-ons such as a spike wall. An intruder will face more difficulty to breach the wall. Nevertheless, do not make the base look like a jail. It should have some space for getting in and out in case of being flanked. Be careful about the escape route, make sure it will not become a weak point that will let bandits exploit it. Last but not the least, get a good weapon and high quality armor to defend the base.

Don’t forget to keep resources in a storage box. A box should be located in a safe place along with a bed or sleeping bag. The character will respawn here it when die.

RADs Explanation and 6 Ways to Deal With It.

Some zone in Rust contains radiation. It can harm people and cause them to die if they stay in the contaminated area for too long. When entering an irradiated zone, the RADs bar will significantly increase. If the RADs bar gets a value of more than 500, players will get the effect of “Radiation Poisoning” resulting in health degeneration and the heavy increase in a calories. This is a very strong effect and could easily kill player.

If the player could not exit the radiated zone until a certain point, he will eventually die. There is no special visual effect letting players know they are in the radiated zone at present. The only warning is the appear of nuclear-like sign in a status bar. Be sure to always keeps an eye on it.

What’s Good About an Irradiated Zone?

As dangerous as it is, most of irradiated areas is like a treasure box. There are many valuable items hidden in it and could heavily increase a chance to survive in this wasteland. One reason is only a few people would like to risk their life dying for these things. It’s not worth the risk.  The current known and famous contaminated area is Wolf Statue.

If you would like to venture into these sure, it’s very important to understand how to lower RADs level to increase a chance to be rich from the hidden treasures.

wolf statue

Wolf Statue looks completely normal, but radiation in this area is very strong.

6 Ways to Lower the Radiation Level

  • Get out of an irradiated area immediately.
  • Keep moving around could slower an increasing rate of RADs especially moving in the water.
  • Medical item such as a medical syringe is a great help. Even through not being able to decrease RADs, it gives an instant good amount of health
  • Pills such as an anti-radiation pill are very effective for lowering radiation level. However, the only way to obtain it is through looting from a loot box
  • Wearing Radiation Suit (Hazmat Suit aka Rad Suit) could almost give a perfect protection from radiation but it’s considered as a rare item. Other clothings give only a slight protection
  • Cooked Chicken Breast can reduce 20 RADs. It’s only good if RADs is still low.
Rust hazmat suit

Your best bet against RADs. Question is…. how to find it?

Starting a Life in Rust


Once a player starts playing rust, a survivor is given a rock, a torch, and two bandages. The first mission (not an official mission but ia common goal) is to pass the first night. Rock is the first tool, and it can be used as gathering tools and weapon at the same time. The torch gives the player light when the night comes. Bandages are used for restoring health and stopping bleeding. The first objective is to find materials for building shelter and getting food.

A survivor must find wood to make a hatchet. Throwing a stone at a tree will give a player wood. However, it depletes too many calories. Survivor should play smart by looking around for a pile of wood on the ground instead. Next item in the list is stone. A rocky place will have plenty of stones. Once a player has 10 woods and 5 stones, he can craft a stone hatchet. This tool can be a hunting weapon and crafting tool.

Once the hatchet is done, a player needs food and shelter next just like in this survival guide. Animals can be killed to harvest meat, and skin. Unless survivor doesn’t have a hatchet yet, the original weapon for a starting survivor is the rock. Chickens and rabbits are easy to hunt. Once the meat is ready, don’t forget to gather animal skin for making cloth. 15 clothes can make a sleeping bag which is used to locate player’s respawn place after he dies.

Now the next mission is to build a campfire. Literally, all survivors can eat raw meat but it is not healthy. A raw meat can add to calories bar but it will deduct health. Setting a campfire can give player warmth and enables him to cook. Campfire requires 5 woods to craft. However, one wood will be consumed as a fuel for every minute. Cooking needs to be done fast in order to conserve wood. There are 3 choices for campfire when it is set: ignite, extinguish, and open. After the fire is ignited, select open to cook a meat. Then the meal is ready.

After the meal is finished, the next mission is to build a shelter. Wood shelter is the first house of a survivor in this wasteland. A shelter can protect residents from dangerous wildlife and attack from hostile humans. It requires 80 woods to make it. 50 woods are for the box and 30 woods will be taken as door. The door will protect an insider from basic weapons like rock or hatchet. Shelter and other building can be repaired. The needed items list will be shown in the hotbar key.

One thing to remember is all buildings will decay. Shelter has 12 hours lifetime and wood building has 24 hours. To reset the countdown, just open the door.

The last skill for beginner is furnace. It has the ability to melt down metal and get ore. Furnace can be used to make a weapon. The materials for requirement are 15 stones and 20 woods and low-grade fuel which is crafted by 2 animals and 1 cloth. A furnace can craft a high level weapon like a gun but it needs a blueprint. Blueprints can be acquired by a drop from airplane’s supply and corpses of dead bodies.

Last thing to remember is, don’t trust anyone. The best motto for Rust is everyman for himself. It is good to have allies, but in terms of survival, everyone might lure others to danger. They might make friends at first and then steal or rob another one’s supply. Don’t trust anybody especially someone with a gun.

If this guide isn’t enough for you, it’s recommended to check this Rust starter guide by KillerGuides. It’s the super in-depth article explaining all you-must-know information in order to play the game well.