How to Get Airdrops in Rust

The supply is dropped but how can you be sure only you will get this?

The supply is dropped but how can you be sure only you will get this?

Knowing how to get airdrops in Rust is very important. Useful weapons such as the Assault Rifle and other weapon blueprints can be gathered only from airdrops. Only powerful weapons can stop the intruders from your base.

Obviously, what you will have to do first is to wait for an airdrop. Dependent on an admin’s decision, airdrops are spawned by them, or are released based on an automated time, for example hourly, every 2 hours, etc.

Make sure to go to the approximate direction once you see an airdrop. You have enough time to go as an airdrop takes forever to land on the ground.

Absolutely, you are not the only one who needs airdrop supply. This make combat an interesting things to do in Rust.

Below are some things to remember:

  • Don’t Wait Right Below the Airdrop
    Since other people are also interested in these airdrops, waiting right below the airdrop is a bad idea. Many will see you as a free loot walking around, especially if you have with you some form of weapons. Most players will easily notice you and you totally have no cover when below the airdrop. Killing those who are stupid enough to instantly look up to the airdrop, in close combat without risks, is easily done by just going to them.
  • Don’t watch the airdrop all the time.
    Airdrop won’t disappear so worrying about them is completely useless. What you can do instead is to manage your area, assess and look around, and check the situation.
  • Be Aware of Your Situation
    How many players are around you? How many are armed with weapons, which kind? What are the other survivors doing? You need to find answers to these assessments.


  • Stay Close but Hidden
    An ideal place that isn’t so open but also give syou nice cover are somewhere near a close-by hill, next to a few trees, or near the bushes.
  • Take Stuff When It is Safe
    If you arrive at the airdrop and you see at least 10 players going turf war on each other, stabbing and hitting everyone with hatchets, then it’s time to step back and think twice about looting. What you can do instead is to kill people who are about to loot the airdrop from the back, and use your close combat skills. Secure the airdrop for yourself.
  • Take Advantage While Other People are Busy.
    Take the slim window to loot the airdrop while they are all busy hunting and killing each other. Since you only have a few seconds, don’t loot all of it but take only what you can. Prioritize the gun, if there is any, and ammo so you can defend yourself easily or kill all other players around you. That way, you can have the loot to yourself in addition to what you can steal from other dead players’ inventories.

5 Survival Skills from Survival Games that Could Apply to Real Life

While no video game could adequately prepare you for surviving in the wilderness–whether it be following the zombie apocalypse, a nuclear war, or simply taking a wrong turn while hiking through the woods–advances in gaming have produced survival simulations that can give you a pretty good idea of the skills you would need to survive in such a scenario. The open worlds of some modern games strive to challenge players with both realistic and fantastic survival scenarios, ranging from acquiring food and water to finding the best route around a town saturated with zombies. Of course, some of those skills can also be highly beneficial in your regular life, as well. With that in mind, here are 5 survival skills and strategies  from modern popular survival games that could also translate to real life, whether you are lost in the wilderness or simply trying to get through the day at work or home.

rust scavening

Scavenging for Supplies

Whether you’re traversing a world torn down by the apocalypse or simply lost in the woods you can safely assume that you’re not going to stumble onto a Wal-Mart whenever you need supplies in a survival-genre game. And even if you are fortunate enough to be fully stocked up, food inevitably runs out, clothes fray and tear, and tools get worn out or lost. In order to survive a situation similar to one in a survival game, it would be absolutely vital that you know how to find the supplies you’ll need to survive, and the best way to do that is to develop a talent for scavenging in a hurry.

Gathering items has long been a staple of video games in a wide variety of genres, but it often plays a central role in survival games. For example, in the survival MMO (massive multiplayer online) game Rust you spawn into the world possessing nothing but a rock (you don’t even get clothes), which leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of threats until you can find tools to protect yourself with. Of course, you can try to survive that way–using your rock to bludgeon various sources of danger to death–but you will quickly find that it is a rather poor survival strategy. To give yourself any hope of survival you must scour your immediate surroundings for useful items while simultaneously taking care to avoid any potential threats. In a similar real-life scenario, food and clean water would probably need to be the first priority, since you would wear down in no time without them, but acquiring some protective gear would need to be near the top of the list, as well.

That said, scavenging isn’t all about gathering berries and firewood. This can go into a deeper dimension than a normal RPG like Final Fantasy XV ( a post-apocalypse scenario, you might find an abundance of cars and other vehicles just waiting around to be commandeered. In the zombie-survival game H1Z1 a car can be a very useful tool for both getting around and mowing down swarms of the undead. However, taking a car in H1Z1 usually requires some additional scavenging, as many vehicles require new parts before they can be driven.

Of course, scavenging skills are applicable to regular life, as well. Learning to scavenge is really about familiarizing yourself with your surroundings and adapting to them. As you play a survival game you might start to get better at remembering where certain items are located so you can double-back to find them later. In real life, that ability might translate into helping you remember where your car keys or the remote control to the TV are. It might also help you when you’re rummaging around through your garage looking for that one particular tool you need to repair your car.

crafting in rust

Crafting to Create and Maintain Your Gear

If scavenging is the most vital skill to possess in a survival game then crafting is probably a close second. You can find most of the basics through scavenging, but there are some items that you probably won’t find just laying around. With some ability in crafting, however, you might be able to create those items yourself once you’ve scavenged the raw materials.

Crafting plays a significant role in most survival games. Just like scavenging, it is a particularly vital skill to possess in Rust. In the game your character can craft any number of items including weapons, ammunition, and armor. You can also use your crafting skills to modify weapons with things like flashlights or laser sights. Then there are the day-to-day items like paper, sleeping bags, a workbench, and even construction equipment to build or fortify a shelter. Some items can be crafted relatively easily provided you have scavenged or otherwise acquired the necessary ingredients. However, for some items you must first find a blueprint to teach you how to create them.

Learning to craft in the real-world is very similar. There are plenty of items you could learn to make simply by giving it some thought and then proceeding with trial and error. For example, almost anyone could learn how to make a blanket out of old clothes with some practice. However, crafting more complicated items could require some significant research.

Of course, developing the ability to craft items also means improving your skill in repairing your possessions. If you know how to create a shirt by sewing pieces of cloth together then repairing that shirt later will be a relatively simple task. Knowing how to mend your belongings might be the most practical application of crafting in the real world because you can save a lot of money by simply taking care of the things you own rather than throwing them away and replacing them with something new.

Of course, becoming a real-life MacGyver and learning to make the tools you need with just a Swiss-army knife, some duct tape, and whatever else happens to be on hand, would be pretty useful too.

Rust Gathering Wood

Resource Management

With all of the items you are going to obtain through scavenging and crafting, figuring out how to manage your resources effectively is crucial, and survival games can be an excellent way to learn how to start thinking about that. In almost any survival-genre game, staying alive is a journey with danger potentially lurking around every corner. In a game like The Forest, in which you survive a plane crash only to find yourself stuck in forest overrun with cannibals, you have to manage your hunger and thirst constantly. In order to keep the food and water coming at a steady pace it is important that you ration your supplies effectively.

In any wilderness or post-apocalypse survival scenario, you have to prepare for the unexpected. It is vital, then, that you determine which items you absolutely cannot do without and make sure you maintain an adequate supply of them. In another popular zombie-survival game titled DayZ, that means keeping a supply of antibiotics and bandages (you can also craft bandages out of old t-shirts) because you might find yourself sick or injured suddenly and there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to find the necessary supplies at a moment’s notice.

Once you accumulate a decent supply of the essentials, you can make decisions about what else you can afford to carry based on the items you know you can afford to drop. Just like in real life, there is typically a limit to how much you can carry with you in survival games. That limit may be a specific number or items or, more realistically, a total amount of weight that you can carry. That means you’re going to have to make important decisions about what to keep and what to drop whenever you’re at your limit and you locate a new item. In some situations you might try to hold out until you reach civilization so you can barter with the items you don’t need. Other times you might need to simply cut your losses and move on. In any case, decisions like these are routine in survival games, and it is often very difficult to make a call on what to keep and what to drop, particularly if you aren’t proactive about managing your resources. Just like you would in a real-life survival scenario (even if it’s just a long hiking and camping trip), you learn to put some serious thought into what you are going to carry beforehand, so you know that you can manage everything. If you know that you will need to add more weight later on, you make sure to leave some space.

Decisions about how to best utilize resources may not get any easier when there are people around either. In This War of Mine, for example, you are tasked with surviving in an impoverished, war-torn town, and any useful item you come across comes with an inherent choice. You must decide to either use the item yourself or trade it for something else. With supplies difficult to come by, almost every item in your possession feels like something you desperately need too. Even something like liquor comes with a degree of vital importance, since it can be used to improve the characters’ moods when they need to be dragged out of depression. However, liquor is also a much sought after commodity in This War of Mine, which makes swapping it with one of your neighbors and attractive option.

h1z1 fighting with zombies

Protect Yourself from the Rest of the World

To stay alive in any survival game you must be aware of your surroundings at all times and proceed cautiously as you explore the world. And while you will need to travel to find supplies, the best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to construct some kind of shelter. Now, if you suddenly find yourself dropped into the wilderness, as you are in The Forest, that might mean settling under a tree, finding a cave, or trying to fashion a very basic tee-pee from whatever you can find nearby in order to protect yourself from the elements. But that is no long-term solution. If you know that you are going to have to survive where you are for the foreseeable future then you need to create a home to protect yourself not only from the weather, but also, perhaps, your marauding fellow survivors.

This part of survival is emphasized in Rust. Before you can construct your shelter in Rust you must create a building plan and then locate or craft all of the necessary supplies to turn that plan into reality. But you also need to be very careful in how you build your shelter, as it will surely draw the attention of other survivors at some point. Shelters are obvious targets for factions looking to raid someone else’s supplies, so they must be built with that fact in mind. It also means that your shelter is likely to need significant repairs from time to time. In Ark: Survival Evolved you must keep an eye on the structural integrity of your shelter’s foundation and pillars because if they degrade too much the entire structure will collapse.

With all of the trouble involved it may seem like a better bet to simply lay low and go without a regular shelter.But you wouldn’t do that in the real world, would you? No, because even in the most civilized areas on Earth people choose to live indoors, in part, for the protection that a locked door offers from the rest of the world. Playing a survival game makes the security advantages of a shelter obvious, which may make players more aware of this issue in their everyday lives. That might translate into paying more attention to the state of your home’s doors and windows and maintaining them properly to ensure that an intruder can’t get through them easily. It might also make you rethink dozing off on a beach or in a park for fear that someone might use the opportunity to rob you.

hunting a deer

Teamwork Helps, But Learn To Be Self-Sufficient

In the post-apocalyptic worlds of many survival games, coming across other humans has the potential to be a harrowing experience. The kind of desperation that would pervade a world where simply surviving requires constant struggle could drive a lot of people to abandon their humanity altogether and adopt a strict kill-or-be-killed mentality. And that just glosses over the kind of atrocities that are often commonplace in these games because in a world where food is difficult to come by many can start thinking about their fellow survivors as the source of their next meal.

The potential danger in any post-civilization encounter with a stranger is illustrated well in H1Z1, where your fellow humans may be more of a threat to you than the swarms of zombies. You can never really be sure of a stranger’s intentions in the world of H1Z1. Even seemingly friendly survivors might take you out and steal all of your supplies the moment you turn your back. Similarly, in DayZ you might agree to ally yourself with some stranger only to later find, when you walk around the wrong corner and find your supposed ally’s faction waiting for you with weapons drawn, that he has lured you into a trap. Likewise, in The Forest every action you take in your struggle to survive carries the risk of drawing the attention of the cannibals occupying the same patch of wilderness as you. And unlike the zombies of games like H1Z1 and DayZ, the cannibals of The Forest are still human and can form a complex strategy for how best to hunt you down and turn you into dinner.

With survival games making it very clear that you can’t fully trust anyone but yourself you must learn to survive and defend on your own, at least for a time. If nothing else, you should learn to be very careful about whom you choose to ally yourself with, and be ready to drop alliances at a moment’s notice if they become a threat to your survival.

However, in many survival-genre games you are compelled to build factions and seek out allies in order to give yourself the best chance against the zombie hoard or just your more vicious fellow survivors. While you must tread carefully, putting together a faction offers some significant advantages. It may mean more mouths to feed, but that difficulty is more than made up for by the increased land you can collectively cover while scavenging and hunting. And rather than wandering around aimlessly in search of supplies, you can gather your party and loot in areas that might be too dangerous to venture into alone. And if, like so many others, you decide that it’s either kill or be killed, then having your own faction opens up the possibility of raiding other groups’ shelters or robbing individuals that have the misfortune of crossing your path. Moreover, by creating a powerful faction of your own, you can better defend your own shelter, which makes it much less likely that it will be raided and you will lose all of your supplies.

Of course, many of the benefits with working with others would translate to real life, as well. Even in regular day-to-day life it’s apparent how much easier it is to get things done when you have a large group of people to help out. That fact is most evident in the workplace, where various tasks are delegated to many different people, all for the overriding purpose of making money.

Survival games also illustrate the importance of being able to stand on your own though. You must learn to survive by yourself before you can create or join a faction, because simply jumping into an alliance with the first people you meet is a very bad strategy. In real life the stakes are much lower, but it is still wise to pick your friends carefully. Learning to be more self-sufficient can breed confidence and greater independence, as well. Sure, working in teams can be very useful, but it’s also true that the best way to make sure something gets done right is to do it yourself.

Making Your Raiding Kits in Rust

Prepare all weapons and supplies before deciding to go on a raid. Depending on how well the raiders prepare their gears, the outcome of the raid will be determined. Although also applied to low-scale raiding, these weapons are recommended for big raids.

A n M4 or MP5A4 is the primary weapon for most average players on Rust out of 9 available weapons. Since these have decent ammo capacity and automatic fire, they make for good choices. For indoor fights where you’ve already entered the base and only watching a door, shotguns can be used. If the person you are raiding already expects it and you will have to fight your way in, bring bolt action rifles. Not only is it suitable for that situation, it can also be used to pick people off looking through windows. Due to the low ammo capacity and the fire rate being dependent on how fast you can click, pistols are not the best weapon for a raid. But a pistol is fine if you do not have more advanced guns, but to be effective, you will have to carefully choose your shots.

Most often than not, the house you will be raiding doesn’t have a wooden door or is not a wooden shelter. Blocking intruders off are most often several metal doors or numerous rooms. Explosives come in handy in these situations. To enter a room, breach doors and walls by using explosive charges. To be used effectively, explosive charges should be placed in the center of the wall/door. F1 Grenades are another kind of explosive. However it is not recommended for newer players to use them due to their high cost and low damage, although these explosive items can be easily thrown. To kill a person with full health, it will take at least 2 grenades.

Health Regeneration
Food and medkits are included here. You will want your health to stay at or near 100 in a fight or raid. Be sure to bring along enough food to last through the raid as having 0 hunger will slowly kill you. Not only in raids, but Medkits, both small/large, are extremely useful for almost everything in Rust as seen in our raid guide. The probability of having people at the base you plan on raiding and defending it is just too high. You will want to make sure you can heal up and fight back, or survive to raid another day, when the shooting starts.

wooden barricade
Why you would bring barriers along on a raid or let alone craft them in the first place is something you must be wondering on. Although not a good building material, barriers are highly useful during raids and skirmishes. To provide quick cover, they can be placed on the ground. With enough shots, bullets can break wooden barricades, although not essentially go through them.

Wood / Planks
Why bring wooden planks on a raid, in the first place? You’re not building a house but will be blowing up houses to gather loot. Actually, rather than blowing up each and every metal door from bottom to top, building a staircase next to the building to get up to higher floors from the outside is way more efficient. This are the so-called “Trojan stairs”.

Pickaxe / Hatchet
To break down wooden doors and silently kill any sleepers you encounter, you will need these. Or you might also need to mine wood or ore during the raid.

sleeping bag
Sleeping Bag(s)
A spawn point after death is set by the sleeping bag. To respawn close by without having to travel all the way back, you can set 1 sleeping bag near the base you are raiding.

There’s also a good raid strategy in this Rust Starter guide. It’s worth a read.

A Guide for Building Houses in Rust


A building like a house or a base is the safest haven for a survivor in the wasteland of Rust. People can keep their important supplies in this place. All bases are not 100% safe, but it is better than sleeping in the shelter, isn’t it? Players need to think about where to build a house safely and be able to live peacefully.


Location is the first thing to take into account. A builder needs to carefully think about the place. Sometimes, accessibility and safety have controversies. Building a house in a far area is safe from bandits, but it also means more difficulty in gathering resources for survival. On the other hand, building a house near the field of resource allows people to harvest useful resources easily. However, it trades with being a target for raiders.

A proper location should be a little far away from the resources. The most dangerous threat are human beings. If it is not too near the resource, the house will not be easily spotted by unfriendly players. At the same, the distance should not be too far. It must be close enough to get in and out to the resource zone before nighttime. If a player has to travel during night, he must use a torch or flashlight. However, any light can trigger unwanted threats. A place like the mountain is interesting, as few people will want to climb it up.

Neighbors are important as well. A new settler must check how friendly his neighbors will be before establishing.

House Plan

Before building, a settler needs to think about the house plan. The first question to consider is “How do I protect my house from the bandits?” Some parts in the house should be made with metal especially doors and windows, as most bandits raid though these ways.

Players should also build more than one room, with a fake room to lure raiders. Don’t save the supplies in the supplies room. Keeping it near a sleeping area or the bedroom is a good idea. If a player failed and dies, he will respawn near the supply. Don’t forget to install extra add-ons. It is a great idea to surround the base with defensive items such as spike wall and pilars.

An escape plan must be placed in the house plan. In case the defense falls, the owner can escape safely. There should be many doors in the house. It can confuse the bandits when they enter the building to lure them when trying to seek a supply.

Get Ready To Defend Your Base From Raiding

Food and shelter are basic needs of survival. But these two things are not sufficient for any rust survival. They do not sleep in a poor shelter for rest of their lives. Many survivors struggle for building their own home but face with one serious problem, BANDITS. As mentioned in a previous article, it’s important to trust no one and most of them could be cruel than expected. Some of them act like a bandit. They often raid people’s home, steal, and destroy everything in their way. There is no absolute way to prevent raiding but a good location and plan could come useful.

Hidden Location

Place is the first priority. Do not build a home on a place that could be spotted easily. Placing a building near a resource zone or a passing route could not even last for a single day. The ideal location is a place surrounded by mountain and covered with trees. Make sure to stay away from a normal route as far as possible. Scout the place carefully before making any further move. Some players built their house on the top of the mountain and it surprisingly worked.

building a base on a mountain

Top of a mountain is another good location for building. It’s hard to be spotted and could fightback bandits quite easy.

Defensive Base Design

The next step is to plan defensive tactics. First, do not decorate a base elegantly. Richness helps nothing but a charm to attract bandits. Normally, a poor-look base is not a target as it’s considered as not worth the raid. Second is structure. A well planed base structure can provide owner with more safety. It is not a good idea to build a big base without any defensive measures. The bigger house is, the more risk to get attack. A solo player should only build a small base that is enough for a single person in a hidden location. Upgrading door and setting code lock are a must. Setting up ladder protection could provide more security and prevent an intruder from getting up to the roof. Once the raider is blocked from many entering, it will force them to blow the wall only which cause a lot of resources. They may give up and look for other bases.

Weapon is a Must

There’s not a single person who would like to sit still and watch their base burn without not being able to do anything. They all want to fight back and defend the base themselves. Fine firearm is the best deal to prevent base from raiding in rust. Weapon like AK-47 is one of the most reliable weapon. Its damage and rapid fire rate can cope with hostile guest easier. The only disadvantage of AK is the rarity of its blueprint. Many players spend a days to search for a blue print. Somehow talking nicely to people and ask to trade the blueprint with lump of woods is an interesting choice. Maybe the trade partner might become your ally later.

raid in rust

Set your team in a position and ready to fight back!

How to Build Strong Fortress in Rust


Building a nearly invincible base in Rust will require all the help you can get. Let’s start with the basics first.

Plan Before You Build!
You will need to plan out where and how you want your base before you actually start building. Finding the perfect spot that will meet your needs will require you to scout an area for a while. With respective pros and cons, you can build your base in a number of areas.

Before you start building, you will need to plan out how and where you want your base. Scout the area for the perfect spot that meets your needs. There are a number of areas you can build your base in, each with their own pros and cons. Examples include:

To make the base tougher to reach, build it on top of a mountain
To limit the areas it can be raided from, build a good wall will help it.
To have a 360 degree view of your surroundings, build it in the middle of an open field

Decide if you want your base to be tall or wide once you have your spot picked out. You have to start with one or the other, although you can always do both after enough time and resources have been spent.

Parts and Resources
Good old fashioned Wood usually serves as the start for most bases. Not only do you not need blueprints for any of the Parts, it’s also the easiest resource to come by. Metal, though, is the best material to build with. Gathering all the resources and finding the blueprints (or research) for the metal parts will be very time consuming, but the goal here is not to build a base as fast as possible but to make a fortress as invincible as possible. You will need to use metal if you want strength – metal foundation, doorways, doors, walls, pillars, ceilings, stairs, and window bars.

Making the metal parts will require the following: a number of Metal Ore from Stone resources; change the metal ore to metal fragments with the use of a furnace; and change the metal fragments into low-quality metal with a workbench. Blueprints and a workbench will also be required before you can craft some of the parts.

The Extras
You will want to think of extra add-ons with the base securely set up. Surrounding your base with Spike Walls is always a good idea. Add the Large Spike Wall later on, so start with the regular Spike Wall. Keep in mind that in order to get in and out of your fortress, you will have to leave a space.

Extra resources that you can craft yourself should be stored in Wood Storage Boxes. These boxes should be kept alongside a Bed or Sleeping Bag in a secure place. You can simply spawn back at your base if you are killed while gathering resources.

Having an escape plan is another option. You will need to find a way out if your fortress somehow fails. Make sure that it’s not a weak point in your defenses no matter how you do that. A one way path from a semi-high point in your base to the outside would be best, so don’t just make a ramp from your base to the outside of the spike wall. Try leaving without having to fight. To keep yourself protected, craft some great Weapons and Armor while building your base.

10 Guides to Survive The First Night in Rust

The only sole purpose in this  sandbox survival MMO by Facepunch Studios is to survive. Players unleash their own instinct here and do everything to help them survive in this wasteland from gathering materiel to killing other players. Inspired by Minecraft, players in Rust could craft and build everything that could increase their survivability. We have gathered useful tips for all survivors in this horrible island to help them get pass through the next day in this struggling life.

1. Trust No One

Humans are unpredictable. Some players may want to kill another for fun. Some might act as a friend at first then rob and kill his friend. Try to avoid humans until you have a weapon is the best exercise.

2. Stay Low and Quiet

In this island, things are dangerous. Both wild beasts and aggressive humans will attack anything alive at sight. Stay low when there are humans in sight. Since the starting part is the period player taking time to establish a new life, don’t expect any help from anyone.

rust gang raid

Sh*t tends to happen when getting caught by a groups of enemies

3. Play Smart in Gathering

The first material that all survivor must harvest is wood. Wood can be gathered by using hatchet to cut it down or throwing stone at it. Doing these activity depletes a lot of calories. A smart player will not cut down the tree himself, he will find a pile of wood on the ground. Better to save energy for another activity.

4. Make a Stone Hatchet Quickly

Stone hatchets can be both a harvesting tool and weapon. Once the required material is complete, make it as soon as possible. Stone hatchet requires 10 woods and 5 stone to make it. This magic tool increases the rate of wood gain when cutting down a tree and gives more damage in combat. Ultimately, this is a tool for basic building.

gathering with stone hatchet

stone hatchet is your best friend in gathering here

5.Get to Know the Status

The goal of this game is to be alive. What people in here do are to survive, get rid of starvation, and stay. There are status bars shown in the bottom right of the screen. There are 3 statuses to show. First is health, which players will die if it reaches to zero. Second is calories, which will deplete when player performs any action. If calories drop below 2,400, players will continually lose health and can die starving. The third is Radiation. It will show how much radiation is in the human body. If it is over 400, the body will get radiation poisoning. It will slowly kill the human and reduce his hunger.

6. Come Close to Civilization

Campfire is the root of civilization in Rust. First, survivors don’t have to eat raw meat. Second, the warmth of campfire removes the cold effect which causes players to lose calories quickly. The last benefit of a campfire is it being a requirement when making furnace, a tool which gives you capability of melting down an ore to craft high level weapons including guns. Once the furnace is made, the next activity in Rust is to find a blueprint in order to craft a new tool.

campfire in rust

Nothing is better than sharing a campfire with friends

7.Gather Materials

Once the survivor wakes up, he will find himself naked and has a rock, torch, and bandages. These tools are the first tools of players. The rock can be used for getting wood and as a weapon by throwing it at an object. The torch will shine the light at night. Bandage is healing kit. Things to do on the first day is to find a material to make a shelter. The first material to find is wood. Do not throw a stone at trees, it will deplete a lot of energy, better take some from a pile of woods. It gives more amount of wood. Stones can be found in a chunk of rocks. It is recommended to make a stone hatchet first. It consists of 5 stones and 10 woods. Stone hatchet provides a wielder with faster speed in harvesting wood. It can both be a weapon and a building tool.

8.Hunting and Cooking

All life need to eat when the body’s energy runs out. It is time to have a meal before building a shelter. Deers and boars are easy prey. A hungry human can use a rock to throwi at it or smash it with a hatchet. Once the prey is dead, it will give enough meat for food. Do not to try to hunt a deer with melee weapon, it will run far away, and most players end up losing their prey with a low energy instead. Eating will boost up the calories bar. Players can eat raw meat, however, it will decrease health. It is recommended to eat well done cooked meat only. The next step is to prepare to cook. Campfire is needed in this process. Campfire requires 5 woods. When the campfire is finished, ignite it and cook the meat.

bear hunting

Hunt or being hunted ?!!

9. Build a shelter

With enough wood, a new survivor can build a shelter. Shelter needs 50 woods and another 30 for door. Shelters can keep the resident safe from harm and hostile humans with basic weapon like a hatchet. Location is important when selecting a place to build a base and prevent from possible raiding. A ground between the mountain is a good spot to establish shelter. No building lasts forever, so the shelter has around 12 hours before decay. However, time can be reset by opening the door. Campfires can be moved into the shelter so it can give warmth.

10. Prepare for the next days.

This shelter is a temporary base camp. Now it’s time to get ready for a life of survival in this island. The next purpose is to gather materials for making better tools(and weapons!). Don’t forget to find a cloth for making sleeping bag, it will determine the respawn location when a player dies. When traveling, to find food or materials, do not bring too many items. New players should spare some space for collecting new items. New survivors should gather wood and stone as much as possible to upgrade their living condition. A furnace is a root of crafting tool to make more sophisticated weapons and advanced tools.

Remember that your life in the Rust Island is always hanging by a single thread. There’s not a single place to keep yourself safe all the time. Even a big and heavy fort could be destroyed by a group on thugs. Everything in this waster is about surviving. Prepare to face with serious plague, starvation, savage wildlife, radiation, and the most dangerous of all, HUMAN!. The only person you could trust here is yourself. The meaning of life is just living through another day.

dead body in rust

If you do not want to end up naked like this, be sure to TRUST NO ONE!

How to Use the Furnace in Rust


A furnace is needed when crafting high level items. It is used to smelt metal ore and sulfur ore.
Furnace needs 15 stones, 20 woods, and 10 low grade fuel. Stone and wood can be easily harvested from rocks and trees. Low grade fuel is needed to be crafted by mixing 2 animal fat and one cloth. Animal fat can be obtained by killing wildlife. Using furnace is very easy just like cooking from campfire. It can be done by dragging woods or ore to crafting menu.

What product do you get from furnace?

Charcoal can be taken from burning woods in campfire as well. It takes 2-3 woods to transform into charcoal. It is a main component for making gunpowder.

Metal Fragment
Metal Fragment is a product from metal ore. Each metal ore produces 3-8 metal fragments. Metal fragment is a core part of higher level crafting. It can be used to build a part of a metallic building such as door, roof, ceiling, wall, window, ore fence. It can also craft armors, guns, and bullets. When making these parts, player is required to be near the workbench.

Sulfur needs 3 sulfur ores smelted to create sulfur. Sulfur is an ingredient for making gunpowder and explosives which are important parts when crafting ammunition.

How to Upgrade the Walls of Your Base in Rust


Many hostile humans like to attack the base. As a defender, what you really need are reliable weapons and durable stronghold. A good weapon can shut down enemy quickly, but a strong wall will make the intruders consume time for wall breaching, eventually making them a suitable bullseye shot for a rifle.

Building a house good location can save a survivor from harm, however, there is no safe place in Rust. Usually, a well-armed raider will carry an explosive charge and automatic rifle. In this case, a wooden building will be blown up in the blink of an eye. This post will teach a survivor in this island to make his basement hard to be seized.

Woods are easy to be harvested. This is the reason why most buildings are made of wood. It also does not require any blueprint to build. A wood shelter is enough for living as a survivor. However, it is just a pile of wood for bandits with powerful explosives. In case the base owner wants more security, then take all the wood out. A strong fortress must be made of metal only. All its parts: door walls, windows, and roof. Everything is metal.


To get metal parts, crafter needs to find a metal ore from stone resources. A furnace is needed to melt down ores in to metal fragment. Now, it is the time to make the building part. Before crafting, check all requirements carefully, as some requires a workbench and some needs a blue print.

When the metal fortress is finished, an owner should consider to add extra add-ons such as a spike wall. An intruder will face more difficulty to breach the wall. Nevertheless, do not make the base look like a jail. It should have some space for getting in and out in case of being flanked. Be careful about the escape route, make sure it will not become a weak point that will let bandits exploit it. Last but not the least, get a good weapon and high quality armor to defend the base.

Don’t forget to keep resources in a storage box. A box should be located in a safe place along with a bed or sleeping bag. The character will respawn here it when die.

RADs Explanation and 6 Ways to Deal With It.

Some zone in Rust contains radiation. It can harm people and cause them to die if they stay in the contaminated area for too long. When entering an irradiated zone, the RADs bar will significantly increase. If the RADs bar gets a value of more than 500, players will get the effect of “Radiation Poisoning” resulting in health degeneration and the heavy increase in a calories. This is a very strong effect and could easily kill player.

If the player could not exit the radiated zone until a certain point, he will eventually die. There is no special visual effect letting players know they are in the radiated zone at present. The only warning is the appear of nuclear-like sign in a status bar. Be sure to always keeps an eye on it.

What’s Good About an Irradiated Zone?

As dangerous as it is, most of irradiated areas is like a treasure box. There are many valuable items hidden in it and could heavily increase a chance to survive in this wasteland. One reason is only a few people would like to risk their life dying for these things. It’s not worth the risk.  The current known and famous contaminated area is Wolf Statue.

If you would like to venture into these sure, it’s very important to understand how to lower RADs level to increase a chance to be rich from the hidden treasures.

wolf statue

Wolf Statue looks completely normal, but radiation in this area is very strong.

6 Ways to Lower the Radiation Level

  • Get out of an irradiated area immediately.
  • Keep moving around could slower an increasing rate of RADs especially moving in the water.
  • Medical item such as a medical syringe is a great help. Even through not being able to decrease RADs, it gives an instant good amount of health
  • Pills such as an anti-radiation pill are very effective for lowering radiation level. However, the only way to obtain it is through looting from a loot box
  • Wearing Radiation Suit (Hazmat Suit aka Rad Suit) could almost give a perfect protection from radiation but it’s considered as a rare item. Other clothings give only a slight protection
  • Cooked Chicken Breast can reduce 20 RADs. It’s only good if RADs is still low.
Rust hazmat suit

Your best bet against RADs. Question is…. how to find it?