How to Build a Workbench in Rust


Some crafting requires workbench. Workbench is needed to craft be making those items. When workbench is ready crafter is required to stay near the workbench to receive “Workbench 1” status. In the process of crafting, player is not allowed to leave the workbench or the crafting will be canceled. Even the item which doesn’t require workbench, player will craft it faster when standing near the workbench. This is a secondary intermediate crafting tool after furnace.

Workbench requires 8 stones and 50 woods to make it. When the material is sufficient to make, go to the crafting menu and select workbench. It will take 30 seconds to make it.
Try to keep this tool in the house, since most of item in the game can be destroyed. 40 hits of hatchet can take it down.

Below is the list of items which require workbench.

  • Low Quality Metal
    A basic material to craft building like metal fragment for upgrading wall parts and weapon.
  • Metal Door
    A durable door which can be destroyed by explosive and grenade only.
  • 9mm Pistol
    A standard handgun with 12 rounds magazine.
  • Pipe Shotgun
    Pipe shotgun is effective in hunting, it can do a massive damage in close range.
  • Metal Pillar
    It give more durability than wood pillar. The base becomes stronger.
  • Metal Ramp
    A good grade component for building house.
  • Metal Wall
    Only an explosive charge can destroy this wall.
  • Explosive Charge
    A trouble solver for metallic building.
  • Silencer
    Attachment for a gun, it will make a gunsound quiet and give more accuracy.
  • Flashlight Mod
    An add-on for guns, very needed in night time.
  • Holo Sight
    Add this attachment to weapon for more accuracy.
  • Laser Sight
    Aiming will be easier but the laser point will notice the target.
  • F1 Grenade
    A hand grenade is used for area target and destroying building.
  • P250
    A fastest handgun with quickest firerate
  • Shotgun
    The best weapon in close-quarter combat
  • Revolver
    Don’t underestimate it because of slow reloading time and high recoil. The damage is reasonable.
  • Last Medkit
    Replenish a health overtime and instantly remove bleeding status.