Rust Developers Want You to Explore More Rather Than Craft

Many Rust players come from Minecraft. The crafting system draws a lot of attention from these players. In terms of survivor, Rust shares a balance between killing and building very well. However, developers from Facepunch Studios alert that some people take too much time in pounding his hammer than adventuring into a new place. This is a reason to let the forthcoming update encourage players to explore places more than the buildings. As the notes of Gary Newman states, this is not a building simulator.

“I’ve seen a few people comment that they don’t understand why we’re changing the build system. They loved it, it was miles better than legacy, don’t change it, please god don’t change it. Well – you probably should have said something before because all I’ve heard is moaning.” The developer said in his blog.

The new update tries to stimulate people to get out of their house, drop the hammer and go to search the environment around the island. “With the new system, stuff is more expensive, players need to go out and get resources more,” he added.

The new update includes the changing interface and improving the performance (terrain and physics). Players should adventure more to experience the full taste of a survival game instead of building their house for whole day.

Once the changes are live, players will have a lot less hammering to do. According to Newman, resources rather than time should be the payment for building, and as a result, exploration and gathering will be a stronger focus. “Anything we can do to encourage players to explore, we should,” Newman wrote.

The full blog can be read here.