What Players Can Do in Rust

The only purpose in Rust is to stay alive. All activity player will do is aimed at surviving. Let’s take a closer look at what people can do in this cruel world. In the last article, survivors already know the game mechanics. This part will introduce the activities players can do.


Getting Materials

Before doing anything, player needs to collect materials as an ingredient or to make tools for gathering stuff. Humans in Rust can get materials by their two hands but some items require tools. Some materials can use a single stone to get it.

What Players Can Get

  • Wood
    Wood is a basic resource to keep humans alive. It can be used to build a campfire, a house, a storage container, and so on. Players can acquire wood by cutting down a tree. Wood can be harvested by using a rock throwing at tree or cutting it with axe. Axe can produce more wood than rock.
    Wood can be found lying around anywhere.
  • Stone and Ore
    Stone is an elemental resource. It can be used as a tool or material of craft. Small stones can be lifted by human’s hands.
    Minerals can be picked when using blunt tools like a hatchet to hit the mineral rock several time.
    Once raw ore is picked, players need a furnace to melt down the ore for metal fragment.
  • Charcoal
    Charcoal is available in campfires when burning logs. It is an ingredient to make gunpowder when mixed with sulfur.
  • Food & Clothing
    Food is vital to survivor, as nobody will want to die starving. Food fills up calories bar, regenerates health, and reduces rad bar. Food can be gained in two ways. One is to scavenge canned food or ration. They are usually located in crates, looted bags, or dead players. Another way is to hunt for animals. Once the prey is dead, a hatchet is needed to harvest the meat. Raw meat needs to be cooked before having it. Actually, raw meat can fill up calories meter but it is not healthy. Consumer will get health deducted. Also skin can be applied as cloth which is important to survivability.



Crafting allows survivors to create items that will help them keep alive in this land.
To craft items is simple, just go to inventory panel and tick crafting. If the recipe known as the blueprint is learned, players can craft it immediately in case the material is sufficient. Players can select the amount he wants to craft. Blueprints can be found in crates, looted from player or rare animals. The blueprint is permanently learned even if the player will die.



Players can fight both wild creature or other players. It requires more caution when fighting players. A ranged weapon in this game such as a gun can kill people instantly in one shot.