Best Tips to Survive House Raiding

The most dangerous threat in Rust is other players. They cannot be trusted. Some players are not friendly and can ruin other players’ game. Here are some tips to stay alive in the unpredictable environment.


Make Friends Not Enemies
Even though players have plenty of firearms, he cannot get rid of everything hostile. Making friends is the strongest weapon in the game. Building alliances can help each other by sharing supplies and hunting down bandits together.

However, making friends can be tricky. Some players might try to make friends with others because they might deceive to gain their trust and take advantage later. Despite the fact that players cannot trust anyone, they should treat other friendly first.

A friendship can give big benefits to each other. This advantage of good relationship could mean a chance to trade, and property defense. If someone helps other people by giving him wood to build a house, he might help the giver protection in bandits later. This way, it is worth to help people instead of killing. Having some activities with your neighbor will increase the relationship with them.

Keep Your Head Low
Being the center of interest is prone to be robbed by bandits. Some players unintentionally brag or show off how cool their base is. This is an invitation to get raided. The larger the base is, the more risk to get attacked. To avoid base raids, players can build a decoy house to distract the bandits. If they see a small and empty house, the intention to raid the base is very low. Don’t forget to make it clear that there is someone living in this house though. Thieves will not be interested in stealing things from the poor.

Well Designed House
No house is safe from raiding. It is the duty of the owner to make his house capable of defending from an incoming threat. A good house should have many doors before raiders can reach to the loot box. A well building plan is needed for every house. A good house must not be easy to get breached, but there should be a quick escape passage as a last resort. In case the house owner has plenty of supplies, it is a good investment to build doors and windows with metal.

Fighting In a Good Gear is important
In case of war time, kevlar and shotgun or M4 is the best comrade for a survivor. Most bandits are likely to stalk people from a distance, so beware when going to harvest resource or hunting animals.
Do not stay in the the middle of the field. Guns in this game are highly powerful. It can cause players to die in a single shot.