A Guide for Building Houses in Rust


A building like a house or a base is the safest haven for a survivor in the wasteland of Rust. People can keep their important supplies in this place. All bases are not 100% safe, but it is better than sleeping in the shelter, isn’t it? Players need to think about where to build a house safely and be able to live peacefully.


Location is the first thing to take into account. A builder needs to carefully think about the place. Sometimes, accessibility and safety have controversies. Building a house in a far area is safe from bandits, but it also means more difficulty in gathering resources for survival. On the other hand, building a house near the field of resource allows people to harvest useful resources easily. However, it trades with being a target for raiders.

A proper location should be a little far away from the resources. The most dangerous threat are human beings. If it is not too near the resource, the house will not be easily spotted by unfriendly players. At the same, the distance should not be too far. It must be close enough to get in and out to the resource zone before nighttime. If a player has to travel during night, he must use a torch or flashlight. However, any light can trigger unwanted threats. A place like the mountain is interesting, as few people will want to climb it up.

Neighbors are important as well. A new settler must check how friendly his neighbors will be before establishing.

House Plan

Before building, a settler needs to think about the house plan. The first question to consider is “How do I protect my house from the bandits?” Some parts in the house should be made with metal especially doors and windows, as most bandits raid though these ways.

Players should also build more than one room, with a fake room to lure raiders. Don’t save the supplies in the supplies room. Keeping it near a sleeping area or the bedroom is a good idea. If a player failed and dies, he will respawn near the supply. Don’t forget to install extra add-ons. It is a great idea to surround the base with defensive items such as spike wall and pilars.

An escape plan must be placed in the house plan. In case the defense falls, the owner can escape safely. There should be many doors in the house. It can confuse the bandits when they enter the building to lure them when trying to seek a supply.