Starting a Life in Rust

Once a player starts playing rust, a survivor is given a rock, a torch, and two bandages. The first mission (not an official mission but ia common goal) is to pass the first night. Rock is the first tool, and it can be used as gathering tools and … [Continue reading]

What Players Can Do in Rust

The only purpose in Rust is to stay alive. All activity player will do is aimed at surviving. Let's take a closer look at what people can do in this cruel world. In the last article, survivors already know the game mechanics. This part will introduce … [Continue reading]

9 Current Available Guns in Rust and Their Required Crafting Materials

rust pump shotgun

Weapons are very important in Rust. It dramatically increase a chance to survive in this wasteland(If you are really new to a game, go and read this rust surviving guide first). It does not only give you a great protection against wildlife and … [Continue reading]

Best Tips to Survive House Raiding

The most dangerous threat in Rust is other players. They cannot be trusted. Some players are not friendly and can ruin other players' game. Here are some tips to stay alive in the unpredictable environment. Make Friends Not Enemies Even though … [Continue reading]

How to Build a Workbench in Rust

Some crafting requires workbench. Workbench is needed to craft be making those items. When workbench is ready crafter is required to stay near the workbench to receive “Workbench 1” status. In the process of crafting, player is not allowed to leave … [Continue reading]

Rust Guide to Building a House

No one can live without a place to call home. It is the first basic building of survivor in Rust's horrible island. A house can be a base operation where the residents can store their supply. Shelter is the first building for aversion. Before … [Continue reading]

Rust Game Mechanics.

Rust is a first person survival game developed and published by Facepunch Studios. It was inspired by zombie survival DayZ, and leading build game Minecraft. The only goal in Rust is to survive from the dangerous environment. All survivor need to … [Continue reading]

Rust Developers Want You to Explore More Rather Than Craft

Many Rust players come from Minecraft. The crafting system draws a lot of attention from these players. In terms of survivor, Rust shares a balance between killing and building very well. However, developers from Facepunch Studios alert that some … [Continue reading]