RADs Explanation and 6 Ways to Deal With It.

Some zone in Rust contains radiation. It can harm people and cause them to die if they stay in the contaminated area for too long. When entering an irradiated zone, the RADs bar will significantly increase. If the RADs bar gets a value of more than 500, players will get the effect of “Radiation Poisoning” resulting in health degeneration and the heavy increase in a calories. This is a very strong effect and could easily kill player.

If the player could not exit the radiated zone until a certain point, he will eventually die. There is no special visual effect letting players know they are in the radiated zone at present. The only warning is the appear of nuclear-like sign in a status bar. Be sure to always keeps an eye on it.

What’s Good About an Irradiated Zone?

As dangerous as it is, most of irradiated areas is like a treasure box. There are many valuable items hidden in it and could heavily increase a chance to survive in this wasteland. One reason is only a few people would like to risk their life dying for these things. It’s not worth the risk.  The current known and famous contaminated area is Wolf Statue.

If you would like to venture into these sure, it’s very important to understand how to lower RADs level to increase a chance to be rich from the hidden treasures.

wolf statue

Wolf Statue looks completely normal, but radiation in this area is very strong.

6 Ways to Lower the Radiation Level

  • Get out of an irradiated area immediately.
  • Keep moving around could slower an increasing rate of RADs especially moving in the water.
  • Medical item such as a medical syringe is a great help. Even through not being able to decrease RADs, it gives an instant good amount of health
  • Pills such as an anti-radiation pill are very effective for lowering radiation level. However, the only way to obtain it is through looting from a loot box
  • Wearing Radiation Suit (Hazmat Suit aka Rad Suit) could almost give a perfect protection from radiation but it’s considered as a rare item. Other clothings give only a slight protection
  • Cooked Chicken Breast can reduce 20 RADs. It’s only good if RADs is still low.
Rust hazmat suit

Your best bet against RADs. Question is…. how to find it?