10 Guides to Survive The First Night in Rust

The only sole purpose in thisĀ  sandbox survival MMO by Facepunch Studios is to survive. Players unleash their own instinct here and do everything to help them survive in this wasteland from gathering materiel to killing other players. Inspired by Minecraft, players in Rust could craft and build everything that could increase their survivability. We have gathered useful tips for all survivors in this horrible island to help them get pass through the next day in this struggling life.

1. Trust No One

Humans are unpredictable. Some players may want to kill another for fun. Some might act as a friend at first then rob and kill his friend. Try to avoid humans until you have a weapon is the best exercise.

2. Stay Low and Quiet

In this island, things are dangerous. Both wild beasts and aggressive humans will attack anything alive at sight. Stay low when there are humans in sight. Since the starting part is the period player taking time to establish a new life, don’t expect any help from anyone.

rust gang raid

Sh*t tends to happen when getting caught by a groups of enemies

3. Play Smart in Gathering

The first material that all survivor must harvest is wood. Wood can be gathered by using hatchet to cut it down or throwing stone at it. Doing these activity depletes a lot of calories. A smart player will not cut down the tree himself, he will find a pile of wood on the ground. Better to save energy for another activity.

4. Make a Stone Hatchet Quickly

Stone hatchets can be both a harvesting tool and weapon. Once the required material is complete, make it as soon as possible. Stone hatchet requires 10 woods and 5 stone to make it. This magic tool increases the rate of wood gain when cutting down a tree and gives more damage in combat. Ultimately, this is a tool for basic building.

gathering with stone hatchet

stone hatchet is your best friend in gathering here

5.Get to Know the Status

The goal of this game is to be alive. What people in here do are to survive, get rid of starvation, and stay. There are status bars shown in the bottom right of the screen. There are 3 statuses to show. First is health, which players will die if it reaches to zero. Second is calories, which will deplete when player performs any action. If calories drop below 2,400, players will continually lose health and can die starving. The third is Radiation. It will show how much radiation is in the human body. If it is over 400, the body will get radiation poisoning. It will slowly kill the human and reduce his hunger.

6. Come Close to Civilization

Campfire is the root of civilization in Rust. First, survivors don’t have to eat raw meat. Second, the warmth of campfire removes the cold effect which causes players to lose calories quickly. The last benefit of a campfire is it being a requirement when making furnace, a tool which gives you capability of melting down an ore to craft high level weapons including guns. Once the furnace is made, the next activity in Rust is to find a blueprint in order to craft a new tool.

campfire in rust

Nothing is better than sharing a campfire with friends

7.Gather Materials

Once the survivor wakes up, he will find himself naked and has a rock, torch, and bandages. These tools are the first tools of players. The rock can be used for getting wood and as a weapon by throwing it at an object. The torch will shine the light at night. Bandage is healing kit. Things to do on the first day is to find a material to make a shelter. The first material to find is wood. Do not throw a stone at trees, it will deplete a lot of energy, better take some from a pile of woods. It gives more amount of wood. Stones can be found in a chunk of rocks. It is recommended to make a stone hatchet first. It consists of 5 stones and 10 woods. Stone hatchet provides a wielder with faster speed in harvesting wood. It can both be a weapon and a building tool.

8.Hunting and Cooking

All life need to eat when the body’s energy runs out. It is time to have a meal before building a shelter. Deers and boars are easy prey. A hungry human can use a rock to throwi at it or smash it with a hatchet. Once the prey is dead, it will give enough meat for food. Do not to try to hunt a deer with melee weapon, it will run far away, and most players end up losing their prey with a low energy instead. Eating will boost up the calories bar. Players can eat raw meat, however, it will decrease health. It is recommended to eat well done cooked meat only. The next step is to prepare to cook. Campfire is needed in this process. Campfire requires 5 woods. When the campfire is finished, ignite it and cook the meat.

bear hunting

Hunt or being hunted ?!!

9. Build a shelter

With enough wood, a new survivor can build a shelter. Shelter needs 50 woods and another 30 for door. Shelters can keep the resident safe from harm and hostile humans with basic weapon like a hatchet. Location is important when selecting a place to build a base and prevent from possible raiding. A ground between the mountain is a good spot to establish shelter. No building lasts forever, so the shelter has around 12 hours before decay. However, time can be reset by opening the door. Campfires can be moved into the shelter so it can give warmth.

10. Prepare for the next days.

This shelter is a temporary base camp. Now it’s time to get ready for a life of survival in this island. The next purpose is to gather materials for making better tools(and weapons!). Don’t forget to find a cloth for making sleeping bag, it will determine the respawn location when a player dies. When traveling, to find food or materials, do not bring too many items. New players should spare some space for collecting new items. New survivors should gather wood and stone as much as possible to upgrade their living condition. A furnace is a root of crafting tool to make more sophisticated weapons and advanced tools.

Remember that your life in the Rust Island is always hanging by a single thread. There’s not a single place to keep yourself safe all the time. Even a big and heavy fort could be destroyed by a group on thugs. Everything in this waster is about surviving. Prepare to face with serious plague, starvation, savage wildlife, radiation, and the most dangerous of all, HUMAN!. The only person you could trust here is yourself. The meaning of life is just living through another day.

dead body in rust

If you do not want to end up naked like this, be sure to TRUST NO ONE!