How to Get Airdrops in Rust

The supply is dropped but how can you be sure only you will get this?

The supply is dropped but how can you be sure only you will get this?

Knowing how to get airdrops in Rust is very important. Useful weapons such as the Assault Rifle and other weapon blueprints can be gathered only from airdrops. Only powerful weapons can stop the intruders from your base.

Obviously, what you will have to do first is to wait for an airdrop. Dependent on an admin’s decision, airdrops are spawned by them, or are released based on an automated time, for example hourly, every 2 hours, etc.

Make sure to go to the approximate direction once you see an airdrop. You have enough time to go as an airdrop takes forever to land on the ground.

Absolutely, you are not the only one who needs airdrop supply. This make combat an interesting things to do in Rust.

Below are some things to remember:

  • Don’t Wait Right Below the Airdrop
    Since other people are also interested in these airdrops, waiting right below the airdrop is a bad idea. Many will see you as a free loot walking around, especially if you have with you some form of weapons. Most players will easily notice you and you totally have no cover when below the airdrop. Killing those who are stupid enough to instantly look up to the airdrop, in close combat without risks, is easily done by just going to them.
  • Don’t watch the airdrop all the time.
    Airdrop won’t disappear so worrying about them is completely useless. What you can do instead is to manage your area, assess and look around, and check the situation.
  • Be Aware of Your Situation
    How many players are around you? How many are armed with weapons, which kind? What are the other survivors doing? You need to find answers to these assessments.


  • Stay Close but Hidden
    An ideal place that isn’t so open but also give syou nice cover are somewhere near a close-by hill, next to a few trees, or near the bushes.
  • Take Stuff When It is Safe
    If you arrive at the airdrop and you see at least 10 players going turf war on each other, stabbing and hitting everyone with hatchets, then it’s time to step back and think twice about looting. What you can do instead is to kill people who are about to loot the airdrop from the back, and use your close combat skills. Secure the airdrop for yourself.
  • Take Advantage While Other People are Busy.
    Take the slim window to loot the airdrop while they are all busy hunting and killing each other. Since you only have a few seconds, don’t loot all of it but take only what you can. Prioritize the gun, if there is any, and ammo so you can defend yourself easily or kill all other players around you. That way, you can have the loot to yourself in addition to what you can steal from other dead players’ inventories.