How to Use the Furnace in Rust


A furnace is needed when crafting high level items. It is used to smelt metal ore and sulfur ore.
Furnace needs 15 stones, 20 woods, and 10 low grade fuel. Stone and wood can be easily harvested from rocks and trees. Low grade fuel is needed to be crafted by mixing 2 animal fat and one cloth. Animal fat can be obtained by killing wildlife. Using furnace is very easy just like cooking from campfire. It can be done by dragging woods or ore to crafting menu.

What product do you get from furnace?

Charcoal can be taken from burning woods in campfire as well. It takes 2-3 woods to transform into charcoal. It is a main component for making gunpowder.

Metal Fragment
Metal Fragment is a product from metal ore. Each metal ore produces 3-8 metal fragments. Metal fragment is a core part of higher level crafting. It can be used to build a part of a metallic building such as door, roof, ceiling, wall, window, ore fence. It can also craft armors, guns, and bullets. When making these parts, player is required to be near the workbench.

Sulfur needs 3 sulfur ores smelted to create sulfur. Sulfur is an ingredient for making gunpowder and explosives which are important parts when crafting ammunition.