Making Your Raiding Kits in Rust

Prepare all weapons and supplies before deciding to go on a raid. Depending on how well the raiders prepare their gears, the outcome of the raid will be determined. Although also applied to low-scale raiding, these weapons are recommended for big raids.

A n M4 or MP5A4 is the primary weapon for most average players on Rust out of 9 available weapons. Since these have decent ammo capacity and automatic fire, they make for good choices. For indoor fights where you’ve already entered the base and only watching a door, shotguns can be used. If the person you are raiding already expects it and you will have to fight your way in, bring bolt action rifles. Not only is it suitable for that situation, it can also be used to pick people off looking through windows. Due to the low ammo capacity and the fire rate being dependent on how fast you can click, pistols are not the best weapon for a raid. But a pistol is fine if you do not have more advanced guns, but to be effective, you will have to carefully choose your shots.

Most often than not, the house you will be raiding doesn’t have a wooden door or is not a wooden shelter. Blocking intruders off are most often several metal doors or numerous rooms. Explosives come in handy in these situations. To enter a room, breach doors and walls by using explosive charges. To be used effectively, explosive charges should be placed in the center of the wall/door. F1 Grenades are another kind of explosive. However it is not recommended for newer players to use them due to their high cost and low damage, although these explosive items can be easily thrown. To kill a person with full health, it will take at least 2 grenades.

Health Regeneration
Food and medkits are included here. You will want your health to stay at or near 100 in a fight or raid. Be sure to bring along enough food to last through the raid as having 0 hunger will slowly kill you. Not only in raids, but Medkits, both small/large, are extremely useful for almost everything in Rust as seen in our raid guide. The probability of having people at the base you plan on raiding and defending it is just too high. You will want to make sure you can heal up and fight back, or survive to raid another day, when the shooting starts.

wooden barricade
Why you would bring barriers along on a raid or let alone craft them in the first place is something you must be wondering on. Although not a good building material, barriers are highly useful during raids and skirmishes. To provide quick cover, they can be placed on the ground. With enough shots, bullets can break wooden barricades, although not essentially go through them.

Wood / Planks
Why bring wooden planks on a raid, in the first place? You’re not building a house but will be blowing up houses to gather loot. Actually, rather than blowing up each and every metal door from bottom to top, building a staircase next to the building to get up to higher floors from the outside is way more efficient. This are the so-called “Trojan stairs”.

Pickaxe / Hatchet
To break down wooden doors and silently kill any sleepers you encounter, you will need these. Or you might also need to mine wood or ore during the raid.

sleeping bag
Sleeping Bag(s)
A spawn point after death is set by the sleeping bag. To respawn close by without having to travel all the way back, you can set 1 sleeping bag near the base you are raiding.

There’s also a good raid strategy in this Rust Starter guide. It’s worth a read.